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Fusion Hair Extensions

Lord & Cliff has been a leading supplier of human and artificial hair products for more than 10 years, with satisfied clients in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Spain, Sweden, Russia, and other countries around the world.
Fusion Hair Extensions for your Salon. All products are Salon quality fusion extensions including their hair maintenance items. Fusionís unique hair extension method has been U.S. patented

US Patent No 6820625:
A method of attaching supplemental hair to natural human hair begins with selecting a plurality of strands of human hair growing from a scalp. A supplemental hair bundle includes a plurality of supplemental hair strands previously glued to one another at a glued portion by thermoplastic glue. A joint is formed between the glued portion of the supplemental hair bundle and the selected plurality of strands of human hair. The glued portion is fused using a heating element of an applicator. The heating element may be a heated jaw having a heating channel shaped to receive the glued portion of the bundle. A kneading jaw in opposing relationship to the heating jaw may be used to clamp the human hair and the supplemental hair bundle to mix the fused glue into the strands of human hair.

How long do Lord & Cliff extensions last?
Properly attached by a Lord & Cliff Certified Extensionist , Fusion Hair Extensions should last for approximately 3-months, provided all related products are utilized (Lord & Cliff Shampoo, Conditioner and Brush), and client returns for recommended maintenance (twice a month).

Fusion Hair

Change your look with Fusion hair extensions from Texas Beauty Supply. We offer a selection of affordable Fusion hair products and Fusion hair accessories that are sure to impress! Fusion Hair Extensions for your Salon.

All products are salon-quality fusion extensions including their hair maintenance items. US Patent No 6820625

Fusion Hair