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Hair Food

Hair normally grows at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month. Hair growth depends on a person’s health, genetics and personal care of hair. Most importantly, the introduction of hair foods/growth product and daily maintenance can produce better growth results.
Companies such as DAX, Bronner Bros, and Nu-GRO all have specialty hair/scalp products to promote hair growth. The products are commonly known as: hair food, hair grease, or scalp oils. The products are massaged into the hair and scalp daily to open hair follicles, stimulate circulation and remove dead cells.
Many of these hair food and growth products are made with natural ingredients. For example Nu-Gro “Gro Oil” contains: nettle, burdock, horsetail coltsfoot, Rosemary leaf, etc. Whereas Bronner Bros hair food consist of sage, sulfur, coconut oil and vitamin E.
Although these hair products are produced with quality ingredients, it is very important to have a solid application routine.

Scalp Massage Routine:
1. Always massage your hair when washing with shampoo to increase blood flow
2. Popular method is to use pad of fingers (not nail tips) and firmly knead entire scalp area. Start from front of head and work to neck in a circular motion
3. Tilting head down while massaging with shampoo or hair/scalp oil will also stimulate better circulation
4. Daily massage will relieve stress. Less stress equals release of hormones that assist hair growth

Note: Always read instructions carefully prior to application of product. Certain products will require a specific preparation regiment. Also, some products should not be used on certain processed hair, or with use of other growth products.

Hair Food and Vitamin Enriched

Feed your locks with hair food from Texas Beauty Supply. Keeping your hair soft doesn’t have to be difficult. Use hair mayonnaise to encourage black hair growth for as low as $2.

Hair Food and Vitamin Enriched