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Hot Tools Curling Iron

Most products that we carry are the Hot Tools Marcel Irons. Whether you have hard-to-curl hair, or hair prone to heat damage, the hottest trend in beauty salons across the world is Marcel style curling irons. The irons, made for professionals, are now available for purchase without a cosmetologist's license.

The Marcel iron gets its name from Marcel Grateau, a pioneer of hair styling with irons. While the techniques have changed considerably with the use of electrically heated irons, Marcel Grateau's name is still used for the curling iron most often favored by professional stylists. The Marcel iron differs from most commercially available curling irons in that it is not spring-loaded. While a spring-loaded curling iron holds the hair in place with the force of the spring, the Marcel iron requires the stylist to open and close the iron, and uses a locking mechanism to hold hair in place

Tips & Warnings
1. Make sure that you are well practiced in using a spring-loaded curling iron, and that you have practiced using a Marcel iron on another person or a mannequin, before attempting to use a Marcel iron on your own hair. Because the locking mechanism opens and closes the iron, you need to become familiar with how to quickly release hair before you apply heat.
2. Use a curling iron only on hair that is clean and fully dry. Hair should have been shampooed and conditioned, preferably with a strengthening shampoo to protect against damage from hair styling. Using hot irons on hair that is even slightly wet can cause damage by turning the water to steam and cooking the hair follicle

Marcel Irons

Get bouncy curls with a Hot Tools curling iron. We also have a selection of Marcel irons in various sizes and styles. Low prices on an array of hot models! 

This section has Electrical Curling Irons with Marcel Style handles
Marcel : Hand sized - hair pressed by hand strength

Marcel Irons