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Hair Perm Products

A permanent wave that has been introduced through chemicals is called a perm. During a perm a chemical response breaks down hair and reforms the hair bonds. This reaction creates a softer inner structure of hair, which allows hair to conform to perm rods. Once the rods are removed, the hair will have a newly structured curl/wave.

Previous generations are familiar with acid perms, which were created in the 1970ís. These used Acetic Acids which where ammonia free. Even though the perms processed slower, they were gentler to the scalp. Today, name brands such as Quantum still produce these once innovative acid perms.
Presently perms use different active ingredients with a neutralizer as its final step.
These new formulas allow hair to process within 15-30 minutes. Followed with a neutralizing solution that stops the chemical reaction and reduces pH level.

Opposite of a perm is the straightening relaxer. This permanent relaxer straightens the hair instead of curling it. The same chemical process occurs as a perm, but no curling rods are used. Straightening relaxers are commonly used with ethnic hair that is naturally curly or kinky.
Wave Nouveau 3 step process is a very popular product in the ethnic community. Basically, it allows naturally curly/kinky hair to be straightened, shaped to desired curl/wave, and then locked into place using chemicals that will not over process.

Hair Perm Kits and supplies

Our hair perm products are safe and easy-to-use. Using the best ingredients, home perm kits get salon results without the expensive price tag. Shop our affordable perm kits.

Hair Perm Kits and supplies