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Godefroy MY BROW Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo

$ 4.99

Godefroy MY BROW Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo

$ 4.99


Godefroy My Brows are temporary eyebrow tattoos whose unique design is feathered to create a beautiful and natural looking brow. No more need for daily eyebrow pencils or powders.
  • Will not smudge or smear
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • With proper care, can last for days
  • Can be worn over thin or sparse brows

    Patch test:
    Some people are allergic to certain dyes. It is best to perform a patch test before applying tattoo t eye area. Cut a small piece of a tattoo and using direction below apply inside of arm. Let tattoo remain in inside of arm for 24 hours. If no irritatio is present proceed to wearing tattoos on eye area. If irritation is visible do not use this product.

    Direction to apply
    1. cut out and separate one pair of tattoos (one left and one right)
    2. starting with one tattoo, remove the clear sheet. This is the side that you will place FACE DOWN onto your skin.
    3. properly position the tatoo onto the eyebrow area ( use the design on the back as a guide) and place onto the skin
    4. take a wet cloth and saturate theentire tattoo while holding it firmly against the skinl HOld for 30 seconds. remove the backing paper.
    5. allow to dry.
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 for remaining tattoo.
    Tip: To help blend tattoo, pat tattoo edge with facial powder that matches your skin tone.

    best method: saturate a section of a wash cloth with mineral oil and apply to tattoo. let soak for a few minutes until tattoo is soft enough to remove with cloth. Rub gently.
    Brand: Godefroy; Summary: godefroy my brow temporary eyebrow tattoo

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