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Setting Lotion

Setting lotion is like a strong-holding gel, which can be used to sustain hair shapes and particularly strong curls. Most major beauty brands include setting lotions in their product line. Properly applying setting lotions will allow for a perfect set and a locked in style without damage hair

1. Before applying setting lotion, thoroughly wash and dry hair.
2. Place a dime size drop into palm of hand and rub hands to thin the product out.
3. Massage the setting lotion through all the strands of your hair. As you are applying shape it into your desired style. It will set within minutes.
4. To ensure hold and body, combine with mousse and hairspray when it has finished setting.

Wet wrapping is commonly done with African American hair to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. This type of wet wrap allows relaxers to stay in longer. Those with course hair find that wet wrapping allows hair to be more manageable.

Relaxed hair is hair that has been chemically straightened so that it is more easily styled. Wrapping the hair gives it a straight appearance and saves the hair from damage often caused by blow-drying or straightening. You can wrap the hair at night, and wake up in the morning with a straight, luxurious mane.

Setting Products

Keep your hair in check with setting lotion and wrap cream from Texas Beauty Supply. Choose from respected brand names like Dudleys, Fantasia, Isoplus, Lottabody & more.

Setting Products