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When will my order ship?


  • Once your order has been processed it will ship the next business day (Monday - Friday)
  • If your order has not shipped within 2 business days please contact us. There may be an issue regarding inventory on your order.

    Do I need a beauty license to buy products?


  • No. We sell products that are made for consumers and professionals. Skills and knowledge will vary a lot depending on the product.
  • Some of the products are designed to be used only by professionally Licensed cosmetologists, barber stylists, manicurists and skin care specialists. Use of products by non-licensed cosmetologists, barber stylists, manicurists or skin care specialists may cause serious harm.
  • In summary, If you are not sure how to use a product, then take it to your licensed professional. They can instruct you on its use or perform the needed beauty services.


    The items in the box are damaged or missing. What do I do?


  • Please contact us by email or by telephone (214) 432 4251.
  • You need to contact us within 7 days of delivery date. There are absolutely NO exceptions.
  • We will try resolve the issue (ship replacement or credit) but, we may need to do #1 or #2.
  • #1 : If the package was shipped via USPS, we may need you to take the box and contents to the post office (postal paperwork requires recipient, box and contents).
  • #2 : If the package was shipped via UPS, we can start a 'tracer' which then UPS will contact you.

    You shipped me the wrong or 'not working' item. What do I do?


  • Please contact us by email or by telephone (214) 432 4251.
  • You need to contact us within 7 days of delivery date. There are absolutely NO exceptions.
  • Please ship the item back to us. (Receipt has a shipping sticker to help you)
  • If we shipped you the wrong item, we will reimburse your shipping cost (via UPS Ground or USPS Postal Mail) to ship the item back to us.
  • We will then ship the correct item to you.


    Are the Color# numbers for Synthetic/Human Hair the same for all companies?


  • All synthetic and human hair may vary slightly in color and texture from each shipment. If you do find the color is unsuitable to your needs, please contact us.
  • For the primary colors: Color #1 is Jet Black, Color #1B is Off Black, Color #2 is Dark Brown, and a few colors such as Color #4, #6, #8, #27, #30, #33, and #144 are almost identical among different manufacturers.
  • However, we have seen the descriptions for the color numbers to vary from company to company.
  • If this is your first time ordering from us, it may wise to place to a small order to verify that the color and styles are to your satisfaction.

    I received an Out of Stock message. What happens?


  • It is possible to order an item, and then later receive a message that we are out of stock.
  • At any time, till we have actually shipped, you can cancel any single item of your order, or your complete order.
  • If an item is out of stock, we should notify you via email within 3 days of you placing your order.
  • If the item is a hair extension, we will (if possible) upgrade your item to the next longer length without charging you more. If this is not acceptable to you, please let us know. (No one has ever complained yet about an upgrade)


    I didn't receive the item (I was out of town, busy, refused,...)


  • If the package is shipped via UPS, you can track the location of your package. When UPS is unable to deliver to your address, they will send you a postcard so that you can pick it up or request another delivery. However, if they are unable to deliver, they will then send it back to us.
  • If the package is shipped via USPS, the post office will notify you when your package has arrived. You may need to pick it up at the Post Office or the carrier may deliver it to your address. If they are unable to deliver to you, they should send the package back to us.
  • Which will then attempt to contact you via email or phone. If possible, we will credit your credit card for the order amount except for order's shipping cost, unless you contact us to resend the package to you.


    Is there a minimum purchase amount for an order?


    • The minimum purchase amount for an order is $8.00 USD excluding shipping and tax charges.
    • The website is set to not allow transactions of orders that are under $8.00 USD. If an order that is under $8.00 is placed by bypassing the settings (such as manipulating the url link) the order will be automatically cancelled.


    Why have I not received my order yet?


    • If you have not received your order within 4 business days please give us a call Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time at 1-888-520-6689. Also, check your email and your voicemail for any messages from us regarding an issue with your order. Please be sure to check your junk and spam folder in your email. The most common reasons for your order not shipping are: Out of stock items, incorrect shipping address, and courier errors.