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Andis Excel 2-SPEED Hair Clipper - model 22315

$ 133.99

Andis Excel 2-SPEED Hair Clipper - model 22315

$ 133.99

Andis Excel 2-SPEED Hair Clipper - model 22315

Poweful, 2-speed rotary motor clipper with detachable blades.

4x4 balde drive provides 25% more blade torque. Powerful, 2 speed rotary motor clipper with detachable blades. Detachable blades for styling versatility and easy cleaning. High-speed is 25% faster for cutting heavy hair Runs so cool, fan and air vents are not needed.

. Maintenance free - no oiling of internal parts needed.

. Run so cool, fan and air vents are not needed.

. Break resistant housing

. Compatible with Oster Model 76, 10 and 111 blades.

. Detachable blades fo styling versatility and easy cleansing Cuts wet or dry hair.

Congratulations! You just went frist class when you bought this Andis product. Careful workmanship and quality design have been the hallmarks of Andis products since 1922.

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Please read teh following instructions before using your new Andis Clipper. give it the care that a fine precision built instrument deserves and it will give you years of service. before starting your clipper remove the balde guard. Plug cord into electrical outlet, operate 120 volts, 60 cycle AC electrical current or as noted on unit. To start clipper move switch button to #1 position, to stop, move switch button back to original position. After using your Andis clipper, rewrap cord, and store in a safe place.


To remove blade set, first make sure your clipper motor is switched "OFF", then push down on blade with one or both thumbs and slide balde off blade hinge. If your blade hinge shoudl snap closed and is flush with clipper, use a small standard screwdriver to pry the tongue of the hinge out. REPLACING OR CHANGING BLADE SET: To replace or change your blade set, slide the blade bracket onto the hinge of the clipper and with the clipper turned "on" push the blade towards the clipper to lock into position.

USER MAINTENANCE: The internal mechanism of your motor clipper has been permanently lubricated at the factory. Other than the recommended maintenance described in the manual, no other maintenace should be performed, except by Andis company or an Andis Authorized Repair service Station.

CARE AND SERVICING OF YOUR ANDIS CLIPPER BLADES: Blades should be oiled before, during, and after use. If your clipper blades leave streaks or slow down, its a sure sign blades need oil. Place a few drops of Andis clipper oil on the front and side of the cutter blades. Wipe excess oil off blades with a soft dry cloth. Spray lubricants contain insufficient oil for good lubrication, but are an excellent clipper blade coolant. Always replace broken or nicked blades to prevent injury. You can clean the excess hair from your blades by using a small brush or worn out toothbrush. To clean t he bladeswe suggest to immerse the blades only into a shallow pan of Andis Clipper oil, while the clipper is running. Any excess hair and dirt that has accumulated between the blades ashould come out. After cleaning, turn your clipper off and dry blades with a clean, dry cloth and start clipping again. If upon cleaning your blades you find that the blades will still not cut, there may be a few fine pieces of hair trapped between the upper and lower blades. If this happens, you will need to snap the blade off the clipper. proceed to slide the upper balde to one side, without loosening the tension spring or moving the upper balde completely out form uder the tension spring. Wipe the surfeace between the bl