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Bantu No Base Relaxer - 14.3 oz jar

$ 4.88

Bantu No Base Relaxer - 14.3 oz jar

$ 4.88

Bantu No Base Relaxer - 14.3 oz jar

Enriched with Shea Butter

Directions essential for safe use by non-professionals are not included on this pakage. This carries no warranty of any kind, if used by other than licensed professionals with strand test skills. Read all directions first. Do not use if hair was hsampooed within 5 days prior to application. check scalp carefully-if there are cuts, abrasions or any abnormal conditions presents, postpone application. Perform stand test.

VIRGIN HAIR APPILCATION: Set timer and wear gloves. Apply with rattail comb. Take small sections and thoroughly saturate entire hair strands, starting 1/4 inch away from scalp. When all sections are covered, use back of comb to smooth away curl (following timing guide and resutls of strand test). Do not stretch hair.

RETOUCH/NEW GROWTH: Apply relaxer and smooth new growth only. Use timing Guide and resutls of strand test for best results.

NEUTRALZING: rinse hair thoroughly. shampoo hair for 2 or 3 sudsings with at lease 2 ounces of Bantu Neutralizing and conditioning shampoo.


1. This product contains sodium hydroxide (lye). Follow directions carefully to avoid skin and scal burns, hairl oss or breakage, or eye injury.

2. Do not apply to scalp. Do not use if scalp is irritated or injured.

3. Do not use on hair has been permanently curled/relaxed with ammonium bisulfite or any products contain metallic salts. Do not use on belached or permanently colored or hair that is breaking, splitting, or otherwise damged. For hair that has been permanently colored (meaning single processed, not lighted) and shows no signs of damage, use the mild strength only. perform strand test.

4. If hair has been preciously relaxed, apply only to new growth as described in the directions.

5. If relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation, risne out immediately and shampoo for 2 or 3 sudsings with bantu neutralizing and conditioning shampoo or a non-alkaline shampoo (ph below 7). If irritation persists or hair loss or breakage occurs , consult a physician.

6. If relaxers get into eyes, rinse immediately and consult a physician.

7. Hair is flammable. Keep hair away from sparks and open flame at all times.

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Directions: Refer to timing guide and resutls of stand test. Set timer for appropriate hair texture.

Time Guide: Always perform strand test to determine proper timing. We do not recommend using sooner than 6 weeks following the last relaxer application. Most heads require 18-20 minutes.

Do not exceed 20 minutes

Includes application and smoothing time