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Dr. Miracles No-Lye Relaxer Kit New Growth - 1 Touch Up

$ 4.99

Dr. Miracles No-Lye Relaxer Kit New Growth - 1 Touch Up

$ 4.99

Dr. Miracles No-Lye Relaxer Kit New Growth - 1 Touch Up

Thermalceutical Intensive No-Lye Relxer.

"My greatest challenge was acreating the 'world's best touch-up relaxer ' utilizing my feel it formula. My family says' mission accomplished."

Your DR. MICRABLE'S Kit Contains:
1. Protective Gel
2. No Lye Creme Relaxer Base
3. Liquid Activator
4. Color Warning Neutralizing Shampoo
5. Leave-In Conditioner
6. Wooden Spatula for Mixing
7. Instruction Sheet with plastic gloves

You Must Provide: Cape, Wide-toothed comb, Rat-tail comb, Large towels, timer.


1. HOW TO APPLY: For all hair types, it's easy, here's how. Remove lid from pastic jar containing Relaxer Base (2). use the wooden spatula to make a small hole in the corner of the jar. Pour al of the activator (3) into all of th relaxer base. Use all of a (2) and (3). It is important to mix the relaxer base (2) and Activator (3) together completely for the best results. Mix until this combination is free of lumps and is creamy.

2. FOR BEST RESULTS: For best results ask your friend to help. Check timing guide before starting. make sure everything you need is close at hand. Apply protective gel to entire hairline including neck, forehead & ears. Then gently comb through hair to untangle. Section hair into four parst by parting in the middle and another part from ear to ear. You should now have four equal sections. Cover your shuolders with a large towel. Put plastic gloves on and set your timer for the maximum time for your hair types as indication by the timing guide and strand test. For New-Growth touch-up Go Directly to Step 5.

3. NEW GROWTH INSTRUCTIONS: If your hair has been previously relaxed, you should only relax the New Growth. (Never apply sooner than 6 weeks following your last Relaxer Application.) Starting in the back sections, make a narrow partings of about 1/2 inch (12mm), Use the back of the wide-tooth comb to evenly apply generous amount of relaxer. Apply to all New Growth hair, section by section, starting closer to teh scalp. Be sure to use ample relaxer. More gives better resutls. Application must be completed in 8 minutes-no more. Do not comb or smooth the relaxer past the New-Growth or through to the ends of the hair. Gently smooth only the New-growth, using the back of the comb until timing period for your hair type is up. take caer to smooth the underneath hair as well as the top. Then go immediately to the sink. Do not rub relaxer into the scalp. If relaxer gets on the skin, gently wipe off with a towel saturated with shampoo.

4. SMOOTHING: Now with the back of the wide-tooth comb, gently smooth all the hair, using short, firm strokes and working from scalp to ends. Take care to smooth the underneath hair as well as the top. Smooth until the timing period for your hair type has expired, then go immediately to the sink.

5. RINSING: Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water to remove all of the relaxer. Keep your eyes closed tightly, and keep relaxer away from your face. While rinsing, use your fingers to gently open parts of the ahir so the water can work its way through. keep the ahir in a smooth, straight positon.

NOTE: Hair should be rinsed and sprayed with increase water pressure to rinse out the relaxer more quickly. Otherwise, rinse hair thoroughly under a faucet turned on full force. IMPORTANT: Shampoo immediately with conditioning neutralizing shampoo with color warning. This shampoo stops t
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