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Entity One Gel Technology Trial Kit #12242

$ 49.99

Entity One Gel Technology Trial Kit #12242

$ 49.99

Entity One Gel Technology Trial Kit #12242

The one and only gel system to encapsulate nanotechnology within the nail enhancement. Proprietary formula makes entity one simple to apply, With no service breakdown. Create durable, glossy and naturally beautiful nails. Can be cured with any 36 watt tunnel lamp.


CLear - completely clear, no hazy, cloudy appearance and NO bubbles.

White - formulated as a builder or bursh-on for a speedy pink & white.

TOP COAT: Thinnest and longest lasting formula saves time and money in teh slaon. A little goes a long way. Cures in two minutes wiht no 'sticky' layer to remove. Cures in any 36 watt tunnel lamp. Use over acrylic or gel for scratch resistance and longer wear.

GEL BRUSH: Flat, rounded square #6 brush. easy pick up and precise appication. Decorative handle.

CLEAR SCULPTING FORMS: Our original innovative design. Creates Consistent "C" curves and customized fit. Complete transparency to allow UV light penetrationg for the perfect cure.

NU BOND: Unique to Entity, a ticky "base coat" for acrylic and gel. just like base coat helps enamel stick to the nail, Nu BOnd helps acrylic and gel stick to the nail. Many clients are allergic to the methacrylic acid in traditional primers. Nu Bond is completely acid free. Newest technology to improve adhesion for acrylic and gels.
UPC: 0811931012242