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Goldn Hot Elite 1inch Ceramic Digital Slim Straightening Iron - Model GH2066

$ 43.99

Goldn Hot Elite 1inch Ceramic Digital Slim Straightening Iron - Model GH2066

$ 43.99

Goldn Hot Elite 1inch Ceramic Digital Slim Straightening Iron - Model GH2066

  • 1" ceramic tourmaline heat plates
  • Highly efficient professional heater
  • Professional high tempeature up to 450F
  • LCD temperature readout
  • Temperature selector buttons
  • 8-ft. swivel cord.

    1. Never pull or yank on the cord or the appliance.
    2. To insert plug, grasp it firmly and guide it into outlet.
    3. To disconnect appliance, grasp plug and remove if from outlet.
    4. Before each use, inspect the line cord for cuts and/or abrasion marks. If any are found, this indicates that the appliance should be serviced and the line cord repalced.
    5. Never wrap the cord tighly around the appliance, as this could place undue stress on the cord where it enters the appliance an cause it to fray and break.

    IMPORATANT: During the first few minutes of initial use, you may notive smoke and a slight odor. you may also hear a humming noise during use. This is normal and is not a cause for concern.
  • Keep heated surfaces away from contact with all skin areas. Do not touch straightening/pressing plates with fingertips.
  • For shorter hair, place a thin plastic comb between scalp and iron to avoid touching scalp.
  • test small section of hair to determine correct heat setting for type of hair.

    1. Rest the iron on a smooth, flat surface, and plug in.
    2. press the on/off button, LCD window will illuminate and idsplay 450F
    3. To select desired tempeature, press the temperature select buttons. Press (+) button to select a higher temperature and (-) button to select a lower temperature.
    4. Wait for iron to heat up. It takes approximately 60 seconds to heat up. For optimum styling temperature, allow iron to ehat for 2-3 minutes before using.

    TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: Set the temperature select dial to set the deisred temperature. WARNING: Be very careful when suing your straightening iron as the plates get very hot in the higher temperature settings.

    STYLING: For styling, hair should be clean. This straightening irion is designed for use on dry hair. Styling or straightening products can be used with this iron.
    1. Work with hair sections that are no more than 2 1/2
    wide and 1/2" thick.
    2. Place hair between the hot plates and press down firmly.
    3. Hold in place for a few seconds and pull through hair, maintaining some tension.
    4. When finished, turn off the iron and unplug the unit.

    CARE AND CLEANING: This product contains no user serviceable parts. refer service to qualified service personnel.

    1. Unplug staightening iron and let it cool. Iron must be cleaned only when cold.
    2. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe the handle. Do not allow water or any other liquid to go into the handle.
    3. If product build-up occurs, clean the plates with a non-abrasive mild soap or use liquid straightening irion cleanser and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

  • Unplug appliance, let it cool and sotre in a clean, dry place.
  • Bring the heating plates together and press down the handle lock switch to secure plates in place.
  • Never wrap the cord around unit; this could cause the cord to wear prematurely and break.
  • Do not put any stress on cord where it enters the handle, as it could