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IBD 5 Second BLUSH 20ct Toenail Tips - 55117

$ 2.48

IBD 5 Second BLUSH 20ct Toenail Tips - 55117

$ 2.48

IBD 5 Second TOEtally TOES

  • Perfect Pedicure
  • No Chipping
  • Easy to use

    Contains: 20 Assorted Toenail Tips
    For Professional Use

    TO USE:
    1. Completely remove nail polish and foreign materials from natural nails.
    2. Spread a thin even coat of nail glue on natural nail.
    3. Gently press nail up to, but not touching cuticle. Hold 10-15 seconds.

    For Best Results: Use 5 Second Brush-On Gel Resin or 5 Second Nail Glue
    Important: If nails become loose or display gaps or air bubble remove immediately, as these are potential sites for bacterial or fungal infection.

    includes instructions in English, French and Spanish

    Summary: ibd 5 second blush 20ct toenail tips

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