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Melting Pot Stripless Wax - 4oz

$ 5.98

Melting Pot Stripless Wax - 4oz

$ 5.98

Melting Pot Stripless Wax - 4oz
stripless wax (no strip required)

  • Face
  • Brow
  • Bikini

    Improved formula provides more effective results, even on dense and coarse hair. Applies in a thin layer and remains flexible. Remove cleanly and easily with less discomfort.

    1. Remove plastic lid and heat wax using any professional wax warmer. Do not microwave. Wax is ready to use when it reaches a honey-like consistency.
    2. Caution: Wax may be hot. always test on inside of wrist before applying.
    3. Clean the area to be epilated. Using a Spatula apply a thin layer of wax to the area in the direction of the hair growth. Allow to cool briefly.
    4. Holding the skin taut, remove the way with a firm action against the dirction of hair growth.
    5. Apply firm pressure with finger or palm to epilated area to calm skin.

    Ingredients: Rosin (Colophonium) glyceryl rosinate, ethylene/VA copolymer, paraffin, glyceryl hydrogenated rosinate, glycerin, hydrogenated coconut oil, C30-45 alkyl methicone, methyl hydrogenated rosinate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, titanium dioxide, chromium hydroxide green, dismuth oxychloride.

    Application TIPS: If wax is applied to hair that you do not want removed, Apply ice for at least two minutes to allow wax to harden. Dry the area and carefully break off wax in small pieves using a facial or eyebrow brush.
    Its better to rmove too little than too much hair. You can always go back and remove more or finish with tweezers. Do not wax over the same area more than once a day.

    Brows - Always keep the eye under the brow being wax closed to avoid wax dripping into eye.

    Bikini - Hair must be no longer than 1/4". hair may be carefully trimmed to optimal length for removal. Always wax sensitive areas in small sections for best results.

    Caution: read all dirctions carefully before use. DO not leave product unattended in the microwave. Do not over heat as this could cause the jar to melt. causing severe burns and damage to the user. The way is too hot if the jar cannot be comfortably handled. let the wax cool before removing from microwave. Do not heat on stove top or in over. Heat only in microwave. This product may cause burns if not used carefully. Always test a small amount of wax on inside of wrist before use. may cause allergic reaction to individual sensitive to Rosin. SHould not be used by persons with diabetes and circulatroy problems, or who are susceptible to infection. Do not use on eyelashes, inside nose or ears or on chapped, irritated sunburned or cut skin. Avoid application on areas tha involve intimate contact without appropriate testing. Userof Retin-A, alpha hydroxy or other chemical exfoliants should discontinue use of those products two weeks prior to waxing. Do not apply on irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.