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METASOL Medicated Soap - 80g

$ 3.48

METASOL Medicated Soap - 80g

$ 3.48

METASOL Medicated Soap - 80g

Contains 5% w/w Monosulfiram B.P.

METASOL Medicated Soap is effective in the prevention and treatment of scabies, eczema, skin rash.

Method of use: Use regularly morning and night instead of your normal soap. Wash all over with a good lather. Rinse off with fresh water and reat. Dry your skin with a clean towel. Follow this routine until the infection is totally clear.

Saftey: Metasol medicated soap is safe for all the family. However. if there is any adverse reaction, stop using ummediately. Pleae refer any skin scare question to your family doctor or pharmacist.

What is Monosulfiram B.P. Soap?
"Monosulfiram is a parasiticide active against burrowing mite sarcoptes scaby used in veterinary treatment as soap formulation.

Monosulfiram is used in formulation of soaps. It is used in ordinary toilet soap for the prophylaxis of scabies.

This drug is formulated as a medicated soap (5%w/w) and as a solution in prophylasis and treatment of scabies for both human and vetreinary use.

The material is photo sensitive."

Made in the United Kingdom
NET WT 2.8oz (80g)