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Oster Fast Feed Clipper hair clipper # 76023-510

$ 129.99

Oster Fast Feed Clipper hair clipper # 76023-510

$ 129.99

Oster Fast Feed Clipper hair clipper # 76023-510
2x More Power than a magnetic motor clipper!

  • Powerful, Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor
  • Change cutting lengths Quickly and Easily
  • Medium Size Adjustable blade included.
  • Adjustable, Quality, Power, performance, Accuracy.

    Includes: Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper, size 000 to size 1 blade (76913-506), Blade Guard, 4 Guide Combs ( 1/2", 1/4", 3/8", blending), Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush, Instruction Sheet

    OPERATE ON VOLTAGE SPECIFIED ON CLIPPER: Not all clippers have an adjustable blade. If you have a deluxe adjustable clipper, the following insturctions apply toyour clipper. The adjustable clippes have a blade that enables you to cut hair at various lengths.

    To Adjust: Move thumb blade adjustment lever down for coarse cutting and up for fine cutting.

    1. Remove the blade guard from the unit which is covering the teeth of the blades.
    2. Disperse a few drop of Oster Premium Lubricating oil across the blade. wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth.
    3. Clean clippings from the blades using the cleaning bread one or two drops of oster Premium lubrication Oil, over the blades to prvent rusting.

    Oster cutting blades are of individual hollow-ground design, hardened to extend cutting life. As with any cutting instrument, the cutting edges will become dull with usage. Increasing blade tension to force dull blades tocut can cause the clipper to heat and reduce motor life, and further shorten blade life. When the cutting blades no longer cut smooth and clean, sharpening is necessary. When sharpening blades becomes necessary, send blade to oster Direct or an Authorized Service Center where approved methods, equipment and proper knowledge are used to restore the original hollow-ground design and best cutting ability sharpening blades by flat grinding or any method contrary to the design and construction of oster Cutting blades is not recommended.

    A light film of oil should be maintained on the surface of the cutting blades. Oiling the blades frequently while in use will help keep the blades cleaner. Clean blades cut better. To clean blades, dip the teeth into Oster Blade Wash cleaner with the clipper running. Do Not Immerse the Clipper. Remove from teh mixture and, while holding the clipper with the blade end down, wipe the blades dry with a clean, dry cloth. Re-oil blades.

    NOTE: Any other maintenance not explained in this manual should be performed by either Oster Direct or an Authorized Service center. To store unit, coil and secure cord and place in original carton.

    USING THE ATTACHMENTS: Plastic combs for attachment to clippers and trimmer blades are incuded with some kits. This plastic comb serves as a clipping fuide sot hat the hair is not clipped short. The comb attachment is grooved to fit snugly over the blades. When attaching the comb to the clipper, slide the comb down firmly as for as it will go. make sure the comb is seated securely against the lower blade. to disengage the comb, pull and slide the comb upward until it is off the clipper. replacement combs are not covered under warranty.

    ADJUSTABLE CLIPPERS: After continued use, the top and bottom blades ma wear out. Replacement blades are avaailable through your nearest Authorized service Station. To remove the blades, unplug the clipper from the electric outlet. Lay the unit upside down on a flat, dry surface, re