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Oster Turbo 111 Hair Clipper with 2 blade included - cat# 76111-140

$ 199.99

Oster Turbo 111 Hair Clipper with 2 blade included - cat# 76111-140

$ 199.99

Oster Turbo 111 Hair Clipper with 2 blade included - cat# 76111-140

  • Powerful, Heavy-Duty Unicersal Motor
  • Quick-Change Detachable Blade System
  • Size 1 and Size 000 Blades Included

  • Turbo 111 Clipper
  • Size 1 and Size 000 Blades
  • Blade guard
  • Blade Oil
  • Clipper Grease
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Sheet

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Use on voltage specified on appliance, A.C. or D.C. all cycles. This appliance has been made with extreme care. It has been thoroughly tested and inspected at every stage of its manufacture and assembly. As with most precision instrument, that las polish on the running parts which bear upon each other comes only after a period of "breaking in" - in this case 4 to 6 weeks. If the speed of the motor varies( indicated by a change in its sound), It is normally the result of a change in the position of the appliance or a fluctuation in your line of voltage. When the appliance is lubricated in accoedance with instructions, it will dliever amle power and speed for professional haircutting requirements.


    Lubricating Motor: Oil only if motor develops a "squeal" to a dry bearing. Add only one drop of lightweight non-detergent motor oil into ball type bearing oilers. More Oil is Harmful. Do not use a detergent oil. it drives the oil out of the bearing and does not provide adequate lubrication. Use oster premium lubricating oil.

    Greasing: over-greasing can cause leakage and reduce the oeprating efficiency of the clipper. Check one a month by removing metal nameplate. Then remove nylon lever, metal link, and gear. Insert grease tube nozzle into hole on top of gear post.Do not fill cavity with grease. Now replace link & gear and add very little grease to teeth of gear & linkage. Use only oster electic clipper grease. this grease is required in double insulated clippers and recommended in all of the oster clipprs because of its insulative properties.


    BLADE SHARPENING: Oster cutting blades are of individual hollow-ground design, hardened to extend cutting life. As with any cutting intrument, the cutting edges will become dull with usage. Increasing balde tension to force dull blades to cut can cause the clipper to heat and reduce motor life, and further shorten blade life.When the butting blades no longer cut smooth and clean, sharpening is necessary. When sharpening blades becomes necessary, send blades to an Authorized service center where approved methods, equipment and proper knowledge are used to restore the original hollow-ground design and best cutting ability. sharpening blades by flat grinding or any method contrary to the design and construction of Oster butting blades is not recommended.

    OILING AND CLEANING BLADES: Apply Oster Premium Lubricating Oil to blades several times daily to maintain a light film of oil on mating faces of teh blades and etnsion spring guide. To clean, turn appliance on and submerge the cutting blades in oster Blade Wash Cleaner. Wipe the outside surfaces of the blade with a dry, clean cloth and begin clipping again. If after cleaning with Oster Blade wash Cleaner, your blade still does not cut properly, it is possible that a very fine hair did not wash out from between the blades. If this is the case, it is necessary to remove the blade set from the clipper. Witout loosening tension spring screws, slide the upper blade to one side, but not completely