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Renutrients Salon Formula Conditioning Relaxer Kit

$ 6.98

Renutrients Salon Formula Conditioning Relaxer Kit

$ 6.98

Renutrients Salon Formula Conditioning Relaxer Kit
No-Mix - No-Lye

Superior Straightening & Conditioning Silky Straight Results with Shine Adds Moisture While Relaxing

Renutrients Hair is more than just great looking hair. Renutrients Hair is enhanced with special ingredients like avocado, aloe vera, olive and coconut oils that nourish the hair inside and out. From salon quality relaxing that gently straightens your hair. to moisture retention and protection, style setting and that final polished look, the Renutrients line procides you with unlimited styling possibilities while pampering your hair from the inside out. Great style starts with healthy hair and great hair statrts with Renutrients. A complete system of hair care products to promote hair renewal and revitalization.

Patented Formula
  • Superior straightening
  • Conditioned Results
  • Body & Shine

    For healthy looking hair and gorgeous style, follow these simple steps before you begin.
    Renutrients salon formula conditioning relaxer kit, a no mix - no lye relaxer made with coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera is a patented formula guaranteed to deliver silky straight results.

    1. Analyze your hair to determine if you need a relaxer or touch up. Create a part from the forehead to mid-point of your head. Look atthe hair growing from the scalp, if it is curly or wavy compared to your previously relaxed hair, it is appropriate time for retouch.
    2. Relaxer Application
    Before you begin, collect everyting you need.
  • renutrients olive oil neutralizing & conditioning shampoo
  • renutreints revitamizing intensive conditioner
  • renutrients replenishing style creme
  • Renutrients protective scalp base
  • instruction sheet
  • plastic gloves
  • comb, a clock or timer, towel
    3. After determining whether a relaxer application or touch up is required, it is recommended to perform a strand test. Please see insturction sheet for procedures. Be sure to abserve timing chart for your hair texture.
    4. Always section hair by creating four equal sections
    5. Apply renutrients protective scalp base around the entire hairline, include ears, neck and forehead. Always wear the protective gloces procided on the instruction sheet.
    6. Set your timer for the maximum time indicated for your hair texture.
    7. If your hair has been previously relaxed, apply renutreints salon formulate conditiong relaxer creme to the new growth only. Section the hair by making small 1/4 inch partings. Apply the conditioning relaxer creme to the hair with the back of a comb. Spread a generous amount of renturients relaxer creme over entire new growth, sections by section. Avoid rubbing relaxer creme into scalp. Should the relaxer creme into scalp. Should the relaxer creme get on your skin wipe off immediately with a damp cloth. gently smooth all hair using short firm strokes with the back of a comb. For virgin relaxer application please consult the instruction sheet.
    8. Rinse: thoroughly rinse al traces of the renutreints conditioning relaxer with warm water. Pay close attention to the removal of the relaxer creme from your hair, forehead, nape of the neck and edges.
    9.shampoo ect...
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