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Sassi Professional Acrylic Kit

$ 9.95

Sassi Professional Acrylic Kit

$ 9.95

  • 20 Nail Tips
  • Nail Glue
  • Acrylic Liquid
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Acrylic Primer
  • Top Coat
  • Flat Acrylic Brush
  • Emery Block (Medium)
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Wooden Emery Board (Coarse)
  • Instruction

    1. Use polish remover to make sure nails are free of oil and polish.
    2. Lightly roughen the entire surface of your nails including sides with the fine side of the emery board so as to remove natural glaze. This is important for good adhesion, wipe resultant powder away with tissue.

    3. Pre-select the correct size tips. Apply a small drop of glue to the top free edge of your natural nail and carefully spread across the area where the nail tip will go, use as little glue as possible, do not contact skin.
    4. Align the nail tip and press down for approximately 10 seconds until adheres firmly. Place only the clean part of the tip over the natural nail. The white textured part is the free extension.

    NOTE: The tips should go approximately 1/3 the way down your natural nail, and never more than 1/2 way down. If the tip does not stick, clean joint are with polish remover and try again.
    5. If necessary to eliminate loose section, apply more glue (as little as possible) and hold down again. If it is important that there are no pockets to trap moisture.

    REMEMBER: Do not file the ridge but do not wait a few minutes to make sure tips are strongly set before applying the overlay. Avoid glue spills. Should the tube plug, do not squeeze hard, but insert pin into nozzle and clear glue plug. Replace cap when not in use. Use a proper towel to hold if cap is hard to remove.

    6. Brush one coat of SASSI Primer on the natural nail for better adhesion.
    7. Dip brush into the SASSI Acrylic liquid and saturate the natural bristles. Wipe oil excess liquid and dip moist brush into SASSI acrylic powder. A small quantity of powder will quickly blend with the liquid and form a "bail" around the tip of the brush.

    8. Apply the "bail" over the natural nail and entire nail tip. Make sure that enough is left on the natural nail to cover the ridge formed by the tip. Avoid skin contact.
    9. Clean the brush after applying each nail by dipping it into nail polish remover and rubbing it into a tissue.
    10. The acrylic will set in about fiver minutes. We recommend using a second reinforcing coat. When the surface is completely hard, it can be filled to level any rough spots.
    11. Use the fine side of the emery board for a final surface smoothing, also even the extension by filing around the free edge.

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