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Vitale Olive Oil Anti Breakage NO BASE Relaxer - 20oz jar

$ 7.99

Vitale Olive Oil Anti Breakage NO BASE Relaxer - 20oz jar

$ 7.99

Vitale Olive Oil Anti Breakage NO BASE Relaxer - 20oz jar

Anti- Breakage Relaxer/ No Base with Shea Butter.
Regular: fine and normal hair textures.

Vitale Olive Oil Anti Breakage NO BASE Relaxer is a advanced sodium hydroxide relaxer infused with Olive Oil and Shea Butter for smooth, healthy straightening. The Olive Oil allows excellent conditioning during the relaxer process while adding strength to prevent breakage.

Directions: Follow the Time guide for sufficient relaxing of hair.

INSTRUCTIONS: Preliminary Strand Test: Please perform a strand test prior to every cirgin or touch up relaxer. (Do Not Pre-Shampoo). Take a small amount of relaxer and apply to several strands of hair. If any signs of damage or breakage occur, do not use this product until hair has been conditioned and retested. Leave on for no longer than 10 minutes and check relaxation of hair.

STEP 1: APPLICATION wear protective gloves. Do Not Pre-Shampoo. Part hair in 4 sections. Apply vitale Base Cream to hairline. Set timer for 8 minutes. Start timer and apply relaxer in more resistant area first (usually the crown). Apply to the front hairline last. Begin smoothing with fingers or back of comb where relaxer was first applied. continue until hair is straightened sufficiently or time has elapsed. (Virgin Hair)- Apply one inch from scalp on shaft only (avoid ends). When shaft is straight apply to hair closest to scalp and ends. (Retouch)- Apply to new growth only as close to scalp as possible.

STEP 2: RELAXING: Follow time guide for sufficient relaxing. If patron shows any signs of discomfort, remove relaxer immediately. (PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED SUFFESTED TIME).

STEP 3: RINSING: When desired results are achieved, rinse hair thoroughly with water until hair is free of relaxer.

STEP 4: POST RELAXER TREATMENT (lye, no lye or lithium): After hair is relaxed and relaxer is completely rinsed out of hair, towel blot and apply vitale Olive Oil Anti-breakage hair protector Post Relaxer Treatment to damp hair. leave on for 2 minutes, then apply Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage Neutralizing Shampoo with color indicator directly over the Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage hair Protector post relaxer Treatment and proceed to lather Note: DO NOT Leave Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage hair protector on hair longer than 5 minutes after the relaxer.

STEP 5: NEUTRALIZING: Lather for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse. Shampoo a second time or until there is no pink color in rinse water or lather. (pink color in lather or rinse water is an indicator that relaxer is present, continue shampooing until lather and risne water becomes completely white). towel blot and proceed toconditioning with Viale Olive Oil hair Mayonnaise.

STEP 6: CONDITIONING: Apply Vitale Olive Oil hair Mayonnaise to hair and allow 10 minutes to process. Rinse and style as desired with Vitale Olive Oil Products.


1. This product contains sodium hydroxide (lye). You must folow directions carefully to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury.
2. Allow 3 to 4 weeks between chemical services (hair color and relaxer) to recondition hair prior to applying relaxer.
3. If relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation rinse out with water immediately and use neutralizing shampoo. Consult a physician if irritation persist. If relaxer gets into eyes, rinse out immediately and consult a physician.
4. Always wear protective gloves.
5. Do not use on hair that has been treated with ammonium thioglycolate
6. For external use only