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Wahl Trimmer Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer # 8900

$ 40.78

Wahl Trimmer Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer # 8900

$ 40.78

Wahl Trimmer Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer # 8900
Ultra-close Trimming

  • Lightweight - Versatile
  • High Precision Blades
  • Automatic Recharge Stand
  • 30 Minutes-Plus Trimming Per Charge

    MOD.8900 INCLUDES: Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer; Automatic Recharge Stand; Cleaning Brush; Oil; Blade Guard and Operating Instructions. The Red Blade guard guarantees Professional Quality.

  • Remove the Trimmer and RechargingStand from the packaging material.
  • Plug Recharging Stand into any convenient electrical outlet at the correct Voltage.
  • Place Trimmer in stand so nameplatefaces forward (see fig. 1). Trimmer shuold be left in stand for 16 hours for complete charge. be sure trimmer is in the OFF (switch towards blades) postion when charging.
  • To prolong the life of your unit, you should completely discharge the battery at least once a month by leaving the unit out of the stand between uses and running it until it stops.
  • Trimmer blades have very precise hardened, ground, and lapped cutting teeth. Blade should be handled carefully and never bumped or used to cut dirty or abrasive maerials.
  • To clean the unit, use either a clean, dry or dampened cloth. Do not use benzene or thinner to clean the unit.

    TROUBLESHOOTING: If your rechargeable clippe does not seem to be operating or charging properly, please check the following:
    Check the outlet's current by plugging another appliance (one you know is in proper working condition) into the outlet. Make sure the unit is not connected to a power source that turns itself off when lights are turned off. Make sure the clipper and recharging stand contacts are clean and free of hair or other contaminant. Verifty the clipper is properly seated in the charger with the switch on the clipper turned to the "OFF-O)" postion. verify that the blade assembly moves freely and is mounted properly. If you still encounter problems with your unit, ship both your clipper and its recharging stand, prepaid, to our factory with a note explaining the problem.

    OILING CAUTION: In order to ensure that you get the most life and performance out of your trimmer, we recommend that you oil your unit daily. To oil it properly, the unit shuld be help so the blades are in a downward postion as shown. WIth the trimmer blade running, dispense 2-3 drops of oil across the top blade. (use Wahl Clipper Oil Only.) Wipe off excess oil so it does not run into the motor compartment. Oil in the motor compartment will eventually lead to poor motor performance. Blades should be oiled safter using disinfectant or sanitizing solution.

    DISPOSAL/REPLACEMENT OF NO-CAD BATTERIES: Contain sealed, rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery. The RBRC program provides a convenient alternative to placing used Ni-Cd batteries which is illegal in some areas.

    For More Information: Depending on use, your battery shuold last 3 to 5 years before repalcement is necesary. When replacement is necessary follow these steps:
    1. Remove 3 screws holding case together on bottom.
    2. Slide connectors off front and back battery tabs. It may be helpful to use a flat balde screwdriver to assist in sliding connectors off battery tabs.
    3. Remove old battery from case and replace.
    4. Slide connectors over tab on new battery and postion on trimmer.
    5. Assemble top case screws and tighten 3 case screws.
    6. Charge new battery for at least 5 hours.

    DANGER: To reduce the risk of death or i